Theodolite.net was founded in 1982, primarily as a portal for a selection of online courses that I was offering.

These courses included beginner to advanced levels in AutoCAD and AutoCAD 3D and later rendering and amination techniques using applications such as 3D MAX and Photo Shoot. Further developments then included applications in Geographical Information Systems for land use mapping, flood prevention, and prediction programs, and coastal erosion.

As an experienced college and university lecturer with a Masters Degree in Geographical Information Systems and Land Information Management and Mapping I have lectured at Chichester and Plymouth Colleges, and Brighton University, in all subjects within the Built Environment including Maths, Communication and IT, at levels 2 & 3, and Building Law, Economics, Land and Quantity Surveying, Planning and Development, and Geographical Information Systems.
I have also owned an English Language school in the Philippines very successfully teaching English as a second language to candidates applying for UK visas.
I am currently an NVQ Assessor and Internal Quality Assessor ( IQA ) for a number of colleges in programs to include Building Services, Surveying, Construction Management and Civil Engineering at levels 3 – 6.
My professional experiences as a lecturer, and previously in private practice as a Land and Quantity Surveyor, means that I am able to provide that additional input when students are studying for a range of subjects at school or college.
I am married with three adult sons and this also helps to add the additional dimension to my teaching and learning support.


Hi, I am Peter Thwaites, a survivor of the Polio epidemic in the UK during the early 1950’s. Over the past five years have been experiencing the demoralising effects of Post Polio Syndrome ( PPS ).

I have written this short autobiography as a means of easing my way out of a period of particular tiredness and anxiety and was suggested by my Psychologist. I hope that it makes you smile and maybe cry, although this is definitely not my foremost intention.

Many of the episodes are drawn directly from memory at the moment of writing and so, over the passage of time, occasionally; events may be betrayed slightly differently than they should. I have, however, endeavored to be frankly honest in my depiction of the last fifty years of my life and must stress at this point that I regret nothing. I have, for the most part thoroughly enjoyed my life and truthfully hope that there are many years and experiences still to be encountered.

Dedicated to my mum and dad, without whom I would never have survived, Thanks.



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