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A brand new and FREE App for all Polio Survivors

We have a FREE App for all Polio Survivors
Polio Warriors
You can either grab a copy from an App store such as Google Play, or download the link here

The App is a directory of world-wide resources available for welfare and support and you can add your own recommendations, whether it be a specialist consultant, a organisation that supported you, or a book written by a Polio Survivor.

We have also included a number of free options, such as finding a restaurant in your area, a parking space, and within the UK, access to a toilet. Take a look at it now, and if you like it, share it with your friends. Let's make this App grow around the world.


Since I won the battle with Polio at the age of 4, the war continues.......................

I am a survivor of the Polio epidemic in the UK during the early 1950’s and over the past twenty five years have been experiencing the demoralising affects of Post Polio Syndrome ( PPS )

I have written this short autobiography as a means to easing my way out of a period of particular tiredness and anxiety, and was suggested by my Psychologist. I hope that it makes you smile and maybe cry, although this is definitely not my foremost intention.

Many of the episodes are drawn directly from memory at the moment of writing and so, over the passage of time, occasionally; events may be betrayed slightly differently than they should. I have, however, endeavoured to be frankly honest in my depiction of the first fifty years of my life and must stress at this point that I regret nothing. I have, for the most part thoroughly enjoyed my life and truthfully hope that there are many years and experiences still to be encountered.

Dedicated to my mum and dad, without whom I would never have survived, thanks.

My autobiography ' Come Smile With Me' is availble from Amazon,

or downloaded as a Kindle PDF file for reading on line, from your Kindle device, or from your computer

and enjoy !

Come Smile With Me - Your free PDF copy with my compliments :-)

You can always twitter me @piliglish1 to let me have your comments or maybe begin a new discussion. Let's talk :-)

hit conter
hit conter

Brighton's Royal Pavillion

Last Wednesday, Cora and I spent a lovely day in Brighton with our local branch of the British Polio Fellowship at Brighton's Royal Pavilion. Later we visited the local Lanes where we had a delicious fish lunch.

I hope you are all members of your local branch. Here you will receive support and friendship from folk fighting the same issues as you, and, most importantly having fun and enjoying life. However disabled we all are, life is a wonderful thing and now that most of us have been given a second chance by beating the initial virus we must take every minute that we have.

If you would like to join the British Polio Fellowship, and maybe join your local branch, just visit their website at British Polio Fellowship